Electrical installations and meters

Electrical installations and meters

At EU Instalaciones we have a specific electrical department consisting of a team of specialists (industrial engineers and electrical technicians with extensive experience) and a complete and modern instrumental equipment. Our goal is to offer full guarantees to our customers.


We perform both small electrical installations in homes, bars, cafes, offices, park or garden lighting, workshops, warehouses, as well as large installations: centralized metering reform, parking, generator sets, communication or transmission of data via radio or SMS.

Cutting edge

We are at the forefront of the region in the application of new technologies such as home automation and LED lighting. We also take care of providing greater energy savings to our customers with a special office in charge of identifying your most favorable electrical contracting or elimination of reactive current consumption by installing capacitor banks.

Contract Maintenance

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Contract Maintenance: We provide maintenance of the existing lighting on your property. This is a maintenance contract for the replacement of lamps and lighting arrangement.

The lighting maintenance consists of corrective and preventive maintenance of lighting in your property: screens, wall lights, light bulbs, emergency and electrical push buttons. Our technicians will replace what is found to be defective or age-worn. This maintenance also covers hand labor regarding important lighting issues like a broken power plant, or a broken staircase switch.