Intercoms and antennas

Intercoms and antennas

EU Instalaciones is a Telecommunications installation company authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Communication with registration number 8525, Type A and Type C. We are also a company certified by the Andalusian Board for the installation of TDT via satellite, in cases of poor terrestrial reception.


For over twenty years we've had a specific department for TV reception (TDT-SAT-HD) and Interior Telephony (electric intercom and video) works.


We have the latest technological advances in electronic intercoms and video ports: black and white, color, infrared night vision; and all access control systems: key, fingerprint, proximity reader.


We carry the complete installation of TV reception solution you need, turnkey, and we assume both the work required inside and outside of houses and common areas:

  • New aerial footage.
  • Installing decoders.
  • Changing wiring in poor condition.
  • Antennas: fixed, high-rise towers with or without tensors, work on facades with elevator, parabolic antennas for satellite (Astra, Hispasat, Hotbird ...).
  • Programmable power plants.
  • Modular programmable header equipment.
  • QPSK-QOFDM transmodulators (convert satellite to DTT).
  • Multiband amplifiers.
  • Multiswitches (commutation from several satellites).
  • IP-TV (data network) technology.
  • Satellite DTT.

Maintenance contract:

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EU Installations offers maintenance for internal telephony systems, intercoms, video intercoms, and existing TV reception on your property. This is a maintenance contract for the replacement of any incident occurring and affecting the quality and operability of equipment operation.

The maintenance covers the repair of all faults that arise during the contract period without a limit of actions including:

- Hand labor and materials.

- Intercoms and video intercoms: Outdoor Station, audio unit, power supply, door release mechanism, digital keyboard.

- TV receivers: Antennas, amplifiers, feeders, distributors, sockets and wiring.

- Weekend service: Just like all our maintenance contracts, it covers a 365 day service with no extra charge.