Pool purification group

The pool purification group is the heart of a pool, so we must take care of it with regular maintenance throughout the year, even in the winter season.


With regular maintenance we will prevent both the purification as well as the electrical box groups from deteriorating (moisture, referrals, installation leaks, blockages in moving parts of the engine ...) from disuse and which, when put back into service, will present no surprises.


The purification group is an electrical mechanism and is in contact with water, so that the security of the installation and its manipulation by professionals is paramount.

Maintenance contract:

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The maintenance of the pool purification group, is an annual contract with monthly periodic reviews and has the following characteristics:

- Periodic reviews (12 per year as a minimum) in which we verify, repair, or replace depending on each case, up to seven vital elements of the installation.

- A 365 days a year service, including all faults without limitation.

- Immediate care of urgent failures.