Pumping groups

Pressure and pumping groups

EU Instalaciones is one of the leading specialists in the region in installations for pressure and pumping groups, sector in which it is at the forefront of technology and is the market leader in Costa del Sol since its foundation in the 70s.


We offer a service of outstanding proven quality and with certifications in the leading design brands, maintenance and installation of pumping groups: pressure groups, submerged groups for clean and purification of black water, dosing groups, irrigation...

We repair the elements of groups in our own workshop where we have a large stock of parts, allowing us to offer a quick response to any fault. All groups leave from our tested facilities with various technical operating parameter checks.

We are the authorized service for leading brands.

Maintenance contract

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EU Instalaciones offers you a maintenance service for pressure and pumping groups with monthly preventive examinations. A specialized technician will visit the customer premises to check the status of machinery:

- Monthly Periodic checkups (at least 12 annually) in which are checked or if necessary replaced or repaired the main elements of the installation.

- Annual cleaning and disinfection of cistern in the terms in which the law requires.

- Guaranteed service 365 days a year.

- Repair of all the faults, without limit.

- Immediate response to urgent faults.

- All for a fixed fee so you can avoid financial surprises and maintain your facilities in perfect working condition.